The Top Nations

The Top Nations Should Show Respect

This argument could be said in many formats, in the womens game also, I know there was discussion on why developing countries like Estonia for example should even bother playing against the top ten for instance in major competitions.

But I agree with the San Marino FA.

The top nations should show respect for those not yet at their level, they have to understand that they are the role models for aspiring nations and their players. Because, in my experience anyway they are not likely to seek friendly internationals then in qualifying competitions is the only place the smaller countries can face their better known counterparts and in many cases heroes: The whole concept of football is that it brings people together of all shapes, sizes,  colours, gender and ability.

Those qualifying games may well be the absolute pinnacle of that countries players career, why should they be denied that any more than the superstars reaching their dreams. That goes for the coaches the support staff and everyone involved they are all entitled to at least taste those dreams. There is that much used word again RESPECT…