Do You Really Need to Move?

Do You Really Need to Move at Every and Any Opportunity?

Thought I would do a blog unique to the website itself as I am maybe allowed a little bit more own thoughts than on other publisher’s sites.
One of the most talked about topics at the moment is the player loyalty and behaviour attached to it.
PAYET and COSTA being two of the main talking points and the CHINA syndrome kicking into the game with the force of a Bruce Lee Movie.

Long gone are the days of one club players who could quite easily have moved on. Steve Bull Wolves, Matt Le Tissier Southampton, Scholes and Giggs are names who spring to mind. I am sure many others at various levels of the game.
But let’s face reality Money and Agents dominate the game at higher levels and its even creeping into the Women’s game now. In fact, it dipped its toe in the water way back when Fulham ladies were the first pro team.

The major contributing factor then and even more so now of course is MONEY. Years ago it was tough to blame any player for moving on if it meant financial security for their family. Even those female players that went from clubs they had grown up and developed in were offered the chance of full time training and being paid to play.

Certainly, then though 99.9% of female players played because they loved the game and of course many had to pay to play. Now at the top of women’s football annual salaries of six figures are being bounced around. Of course, that’s a weekly wage in the EPL and for sure for the guys going to China.

With China, surely it could be similar to the original and I think even current situation in the States, Certain individuals in the team earning far in excess of their team mates, that is also a fear factor in the WSL1 in England. Maybe some players are ok with that if the team is successful but is it not the team that wins a season of games. It must cause some disharmony at some point, especially if the superstars are not pulling their weight.

But going back putting the Agents personal gain to the side, how can we blame any player for not taking the money on offer? Two angles for me, if the player is already up there with the major earners, owns big houses, cars, family are more than comfortable, playing in the best leagues, Champions league, National teams and for a club where fans worship you and the club values you.

Do you really need to move at every and any opportunity?

Even if you do then do it with grace, respect and professionalism unlike the recent publicised situations if the facts are correct. Then I look at the two lads from Chelsea, Oscar and Mikel out of favour with Conte offered fortunes which may not just benefit them but maybe their families as a whole back in their home land. How much will they invest into other areas of their life. We don’t know but it would be interesting to research in the future.

Most of us can only begin to dream or imagine what it would be like to be earning a lifetimes salary in one week or month for doing what we love, but that will never change my love for the game and I am sure the vast majority of us who have played from street to parks football and coached simply because we have the passion to do so.
Hope you have enjoyed what is my personal insight at this time, and of course feel free to disagree that’s the joy of football, should never be robotic.

Yours in Football