Impossible to Totally Relax

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Impossible to Totally Relax

Not a complaint but an absolute FACT in my experience. It is basically impossible to totally relax when you are involved as much as I am in football, the game I love.
There is always something or someone needing help, advice or just moaning about something or someone. Yes, I tried staying away from technology but then, they send stuff anyway and it piles up.

As much as you try, as soon as your eyes open the mind is on it, what, when, where, who.

I tried to explain to someone that coaches in high level roles particularly are thinking 24 hours a day and the answer was “But, you still get time to rest” Duh when is that then? Oh I know, in between the 24 hrs somewhere.

Holidays are not really holidays they are just a time to reflect and start thinking ahead. Might have to write to Dr OZ, lol, still love the game either way …